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What is Stairlin and why do you exist?

Stairlin is both an idea and a company. Our company was founded in Lausanne with offices in Zurich. We are focused on building the first truly digitised marketplace for services in Switzerland and Europe.
As a company we are obsessed by finding smart ways to get rid of the unnecessary thinking that clods our minds every day of the week and drags us down: Did we send this bill to the insurance? Did we call back to cancel the appointment? When will I know if the reservation is confirmed? We want to eliminate these thousands of paper cuts that eat away minutes and hours of our lives so we can focus on what really matters in the end: better relationships with our friends, families, and customers.

What problems are you solving?

Searching, booking and paying for services is still a pain in Switzerland and Europe in general. For small service providers bookings, payments and customer management are done manually in most cases. All tasks revolving around bookings are also mainly manual (send or track invoices, check who has paid or not, and so on).
This is why we want to build a marketplace for services, where anyone can easily start or run its business online and where anyone can find, book and pay for what they need in 15 seconds or less.

How can I start using Stairlin?

All you need is to register on our landing page and set up your business profile. After a few minutes, you can already offer your services online 24/7 anywhere on the internet to your customers (including through Google, Facebook, Instagram, your website etc).

Is Stairlin compatible with T590?

Yes! The invoice Stairlin generate automatically for you are fully compliant with T590 and accepted by the insurances.

How can I register my business on Stairlin?

All you have to do is select register on our landing page. From there you can create your business in less than two minutes. You only have to provide some essential information like which industry your business operates in, a short description of your business, and a few other details.

How can I set up my business on Stairlin so that people can book my services?

To set up your business hours schedule: click on the Stairlin logo, select business settings, calendar and finally availabilities.
To set up what services you offer: click on the Stairlin logo, select business settings then services.

Do I need to install or download anything for Stairlin to work?

There is no need to install anything for Stairlin to work. All you need is a web browser on a phone, tablet, computer, whatever you use every day, and an internet connection.
That being said, we might include an app in the future to improve the user experience even more on phones and tablets, but that will be optional to use as well.

Where can my customers book my services?

With Stairlin your customers can book your services wherever you want. You know your customer best: do you get in touch with them through Facebook? Through Instagram? Through your website? From Google? All you have to do is link your Stairlin Business page to these platforms and your customers can book your services right away.

I use social networks or my website to interact with my customers, do I need to change that now for people to book my services online?

No you do not! We want you to use whatever channel you like best at the moment, but simply make it better, so that your customers can more easily book and pay for your services. Have a Facebook account? No problem, you can add a “book now” button that redirects to your Stairlin page. Same goes for any other method you use at the moment, just provide a link to your Stairlin business page on them.

I never had to use any password, is that normal?

Yes, it is by design! Passwords are difficult to remember and tend to be reused. Data breaches happen every day and a single breach can potentially expose your password to people with malicious intentions. That is why we have decided to approach our authentication system from another angle. Three different factors exist to authenticate a user. The first is knowledge (something you know), which includes passwords, PINs, etc. The second one is possession (something you have), which includes phone numbers, emails, key fobs, etc. The last one is inherence (something you are), which contains fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.
Our authentication system uses the factor possession as the first layer of security. Every time you attempt to access your account from an unknown device, a 6 digit SMS code will be delivered to your phone number so that only the user who possesses the phone number can access the account.
We plan to roll out multi-factor authentication in a near future to further demonstrate our commitment to secure your account.

Are communication and data storage secure?

All communications between your device and Stairlin take place via a secure and encrypted channel. We currently use TLS 1.2 with an RSA 2048 bits key. All our servers communicate via a virtual network isolated from other servers.
All your sensitive data is stored encrypted in a PCI DSS compliant and ISO 27001 certified data centres governed by strict data privacy laws.

How do I cancel/delete my account?

If you are a business owner, switch to your business account, head to the business settings, and click the 'Delete Account' link under the 'Account' heading there.
Once your business account deleted, you can then delete your personal account from the user settings.